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McLees Auto Repair
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McLees Auto Repair
5130 Boston Harbor Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506

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Rebecca W. Olympia, WA
5.0 star rating    01/05/2015
Great people! Great work!
I was in a hit and run auto accident just a couple days before thanksgiving at 6:30 at night. My husband called McLees Automotive and they did NOT say they were closing soon and could help us later. On the contrary, they wanted to come pick up the car immediately. Wanted to know if we needed a ride anywhere, just so very thoughtful and considerate. My insurance wanted me to go to someone they had a "relationship" with. I choose McLees Automotive they picked up my car and stared work PRIOR to the insurance check coming in. They offered a loner car if my insurance was going to cut me off prior to the work being completed. I can NOT ever recall being treated with such care anywhere else not even at dealerships where I have purchased my vehicle. Did I mention McLees shop had been run into by a truck on the day I got hit. They never skipped a beat- just focused on my issues. I will never take my car or truck anywhere else.
Thank you guys! Lifesavers! I just can't say enough about how they made my situation ( being smashed into by another car and then that car proceeding to take off ) go from feeling scared and upset to feeling safe and hopeful. Best broken up car experience EVER!

Len J. Olympia, WA
5.0 star rating 10/10/2014
I am a fairly new customer, but I feel real good about doing business with McClees
They go the extra mile. Brian even drove to my work place to pick up my car, and left his Range Rover for me to drive. I have had 3 experiences with them working on my wife"s beloved 92 Subaru Loyale 4wd sedan. It is hard to find parts a lot of times for this car, but I think their expertise in building and maintaining winning race cars helps them be able to build a repair items like my Air Conditioning on this car. There was not a switch available to replace the one that went bad to kick the fan on the radiator automatically, so they built their own switch which they mounted on an unused slot on the dash of the car which allows her to turn the fan on in the engine compartment when the air conditioner is on, especially in the hot weather. Everyone else in town was befuddled on how to fix it and didn't have the old refrigerant needed to re charge the system for these older cars either. They had everything needed to fix and repair my air condtioner So again I am totally pleased with their work and service as now the air conditioning works as good as it did when new. The switch they installed on the dash looks great as well. Looks like original equipment. Their philosophy in running this family business of 90 years is that they sell service, and I believe that is why they have lasted as long as they have. Hope you guys are around another 90 years :)

R.B.  Olympia, WA
5.0 star rating   8/23/2014
McLees has a feel-good neighborly attitude. They went the extra mile to explain to my daughter what is needed as well as what is not necessarily needed when looking over a problem with her car.

Plamen H. Vancouver, WA
5.0 star rating  3/12/2014
Our car broke down when we were 100 miles away from home and we had to find someone in the area (Olympia).
These guys towed the car for free and did outstanding job as quickly as they could. They came with the most competitive price as I called 5-6 shops. We did a few other things on the car as they were overdue, changed the tires, which they beat Costco price! Changed Serpentine belt which they beat Midas by half the price.

Bryan J. Olympia, WA
5.0 star rating  1/15/2014
This place is great!
They really care about customer service. I've been taking my car to mclees automotive for about 2 years and they've always gone out of their way to be accommodating to you! As one of the bazillion people who know close to nothing about cars (still convinced they might be magic) I know what its like to have that fear of not knowing if your mechanic is going to take advantage of your ignorance and charge 600% what they should. Here I have no fears of being grossly over charged. They tell you before hand parts and labor and give you your hypothetical worse case scenario cost. Which is great! They are very transparent which is important and it's a local family run business. The owner personally gave me a ride home when I left my car at his shop...and guess what...he picked me up when the job was finished. I believe they also offer a free tow within a certain distance. Any who this is now a ramble. This place is very awesome. Go here for your automotive issues! You'll leave feeling fairly treated

Stephanie D. Seattle, WA
5.0 star rating 8/2/2010
My travel companion and I were headed out of Seattle to Seaside OR for a weekend getaway when the car broke down (alternator) just 5 miles away from our destination at midnight on a Friday night. No auto repair shops were open around the area for the weekend and the tow-truck driver was of no help to suggest options in our pursuit of a shop that would be open Saturday. We thought the best thing to do at the moment was to have the car towed to Olympia (close to home) where we might find more options. We had the car towed to a shop that was listed as being open on Saturday (Flat Rate Auto Repair on Plum Street), but when my companion showed up at opening time, there was no one in sight. He got the phonebook and just started calling shops to see who would pick up and McLee's was open!
They sent their tow truck out to the car, and by the time we made it to the shop, the owner had already called for the part and said it would take maybe an hour for the car to be fixed. He suggested we go down to the Shell station/mart to grab some coffee/grub (which, by the way, had one of the best produce selections for a gas station). We came back and within an hour, the car was fixed and ready for us to still make it down to enjoy a little weekend trip to the Oregon Coast.
A very friendly auto shop- the owner, Brian, really knows how to run the place, conduct a team-oriented shop, and motivate his staff. Expect tip-top service, status reports, and a clean, relaxing environment full of lots of reading material while you wait for your car to be serviced. Sure, this place was located a little ways out, but it was well worth it!
This business also appeared to be family-owned and run, with several years of experience ( I think 79 years in business).
McLee's saved the day and we got on the road promptly around 1 pm to still make it to Seaside before the sun set.

Kelly M. Olympia, WA
5 Star Rating   03/10/2014
Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. The service is very timely. I've been going to McLees for 25 years.

Khrys K. Olympia, WA
5 Star Review 08/16/2013
The best I've ever dealt with
This shop, and all of its employees, are absolutely amazing. They truly offer the highest level of service possible. When I found myself broken down on the side of the road, not one, but two employees took it upon themselves to come make sure I was ok and see if there was anything they could do on the spot. There wasn't unfortunately so the owner waited with me until the tow truck (that I had already called) arrived. Then he drove me home. They are fair, knowledgeable, and have a customer for life right here!